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The Model S that sort of got away

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

March 2020, during one of my regular visits to the used inventory on the Tesla website, I found this beauty. A Model S with less than 30,000 kms owned by an elderly couple in Adelaide who apparently traded it in for a new Model 3.

We were unable to look at this specific car, but we were able to test drive an equivalent at the beginning of the COVID lockdown in Melbourne.

We collected the test drive car early in March, taking the card from the frunk, enabled by the Tesla representative on her mobile through a touchless experience and we then proceeded to open the car doors. I immediately felt at home, complete with the Tesla grin when I put my foot down.

My wife however felt differently, her description of driving the car was "it was like driving a tram". We drove the car home and our eight year old son was impressed with the large iPad, however my teenage daughters less so. They felt the rear seats were shallow and they sat with their knees higher than our normal ride (tough audience), probably due to the battery under the foot well.

More to come, including a possible video ... blog in progress

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