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This website is a blog about waiting for the Tesla Y to be released to the Australian market. Australian cars are right-hand drive, and many of us in Oz (slang for Australia) have watched with envy as people in countries with left-hand drive have ordered and taken delivery of one and, in some cases, two Model Ys. 


The OTG (OZ Tesla Guy) website started in March 2021; after the OTG thinks he has convinced his wife (Nicole) to consider the Model Y seriously, YouTube has been a great helper and teacher. My wife is now talking about when is the right time to order the Model Y rather than if we order it. Nicole's major concern is the current model's rigid suspension, (likely to be updated by the time it is here) but "let's choose colours and the aftermarket stuff anyway". 

My name is David Banger (here I am doing my best Jeremy Clarkson); some of you have probably landed here from my business  (and yes, the little logo for the OTG serves as my business logo too) or author websites. I had dreamt of a Tesla since 2014 when the Model S was starting to be seen more regularly on some of our streets! The cost of the car made it unattainable for many and not sensible for others. The Model 3 has changed that, I am now a Tesla Model Y enthusiast blogger!

For my work, I am a CXO advisor to organisations for their digital and technology options, spending a great deal of time analysing and explaining what could be possible. I will probably apply some of this skill to the content I share here to make it specific or relevant to Aussies. Keeping things more fun than formal!      

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